How to save relationship when you disagree with your partner

“Relationships with no argument is relationship with lots of secrets”

Yes, because this is how you get to know each other. It is obvious that you would disagree with your partner in some or the other matter of life. And sometimes this can result into creating distance between you and your partner. It is said that “Two angels with one broken wings each can fly together holding each other”.

There are many complications faced while you are in relationship because you are two different soul trying to be one. One of the which is “disagreement” and Here are some habits you can apply in your relationship to save it.

  • Listen

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intention to reply”

how to save your relationship when you disagree

This is most important aspect to have a good communication. And this is what you need to do to understand your partner’s point of view. If you understand your partner’s exact matter of concern which makes him disagree with you, you might be able to find a solution. Thus, if you remain silent for a while and listen to him you may avoid fights and find a solution.

Every one of us has got a different way of living. We face different challenges, have different backgrounds and that’s what makes you a kind of person you are. The reason of a person disagreeing with you might be because he sees or has seen life differently or is in a different position from you. And so you need to think as per his point of view.

  • Explainexplain not express

“Explain not express”. Whatever your point of view is need to be explained in calm and with love. Sometimes it just ends up expressing your anger. It is said that 90% of people fail to make their point because of their tone of voice. So, it is important that you choose a proper way to make him understand your point.

  • Make a Request
    How to save your relationship when you disagree with your partner

It is OK to make a request if the views completely differ. He may accept it only for you. You are never at loss if you say sorry or make a request in love.

  • Do not Force

Do not force to agree with you. If your partner has a strong opinion that he is right and you too believe your own. Do not force him to change as well.

Lastly, Prefer losing an argument to uphold a golden relationship.

About The Last Day from a Dead.

About The Last Day from a Dead.

Dressed in good wardrobes on which I have spent hard all my life will now mix in dust with me.

Watching the people who unlike me spared some time and gathered to mourn over my loss with flowers in their hands, sadness on their face and prayers in their mouth.

Accustomed to bear my absence I feel Painful for my loved ones bursting in tears.

No envy continues with people whom I had differences with because it is easier to forgive people who are no more than ones who are alive.

about funeral from a dead person

I won’t fear being placed in a six-sided rectangular box as I have been rehearsing all my life by building walls around me where I suffered alone and no one was permitted to enter it nor was I able to break it.

The box now holds only my powerless body without soul and not anything that I have gained all my life. It is now that I realize “At the end what matters most is how good you were as human”.

The first step towards my last journey begins as I am carried out of my residence which I had built with bucks I earned sacrificing my dreams, my time and my family with whom I stayed not lived.

About The Last Day from a Dead.

I Spent my life trying to be independent and not ask for help. I am now Placed in a vehicle with the help of people to haul towards the holy place for last rituals.

Heading towards my real destination I discern that the far I tried to run from this the more I came near to it.

I see the grave newly dug to make a place for me to rest on the land which does not belong to me but rather It is I who belong to this land.

about funeral from dead person

The love and compassion which I have starved for is now in abundance as I feel the final kisses from the people gathered.

A piece of cloth covers my face and the door of the box now shut.

I bid goodbye with regret that I did not live the way I wished to or the way I should have lived but all my worldly desires, sufferings, worries and pain vanishes now.
I now Rest in Peace.

rest in peace