The Power of Taking Break

“Break for a little while is the best therapy to release the stress and calm your mind”.

Can your car, mobile or any of your favorite machine work continuously for a day? Or For 8-10 hours?

Subsequently Can you force your mobile to work without battery? or Can you force your vehicle to run without petrol or gas?

Apparently, the answer is a big NO.

Then why do you do this to yourself? Because you’re too busy and with the flow.

the power of taking break

Accept it that Everyone needs a break. In fact, it is a necessity for we humans.

Why should you take a break?
  • A new study proves that people who take breaks have more stamina and are more productive.
  • Research says It is ideal to take break before the exhaustion occurs as it prevents headaches, eye strain and back pain.
  • You can solve problems in shorter period if you rest and rejuvenate.
  • Employees feel motivated and are energized at work after returning from vacation.
  • Working in the same flow without break makes you less creative.
  • Break to re-valuate your path which directs towards your goals.

How to Utilize your break in a right way?

People do take break but here you need to re-think the quality of your breaks.

Break time is a time you unplug yourself from the current task and re-energize yourself.

  • Lunch time is a time you restore yourself. But if you sit with your colleagues and discuss your work or office related issues, you are not on break.
  • Sleep after office hours is the time when your mind, body and soul rests. Make sure that you exercise not only your body but your mind (through meditation) as well to calm yourself for better sleep.
  • Self-improvement is the thing people forget to think and work on during breaks. It is the perfect time to know yourself and improve yourself for greater achievements.
  • Living your hobbies makes you feel content, confident and indirectly more productive to your work. So, do what you really love during your breaks.
  • Watching TV or working on some personal task is also not a break. It’s OK sometimes to relax and do nothing.
Not taking a break is like a punishment that you give to yourself.

power of taking a break

If you don’t break today, you may quit someday.

The BLAME Game

the blame game

Ooh that sounds to be one of our favorite game. Yeah because we can consider ourselves as a winner.

“Fair play is primarily not blaming others for anything that is wrong with us” – Eric Hoffer

The blame game means declaring someone or something responsible for a fault or wrong. This game has been responsible for massive fights, frustration and unhappiness in our human society.

This article shares our insights on Reasons for Blaming, Why should we stop it?, and how can we stop doing it?

Why Do We Blame?

Blaming is quite common but understanding the reasons behind it may help us to deal with it.

  1. Fear to Admit

In our society mistakes are considered as failures. And if you are a failure you will be disrespected. This fear of failure and disrespect will never allow you to admit your mistake and it is more likely to put the blame on others.

  1. Social Ranking

In the society Blaming makes you relatively more good than the person you blame. You win in the “social comparison” method of social ranking. “If the other person is at fault I am comparatively better than him”.

  1. Control

Many a times people try to take control over others by blaming them. They may not only aim to make other realize their mistake but also tag them as unproductive, selfish etc. so that they may direct the culprit to do something in their favor.

  1. Restore

Sometimes we are terrified with the situation. We are angry, panic, helpless and disturbed. At this time, we find blaming a solution to restore ourselves.

  1. Learn

Blaming is contagious. We often learn to play this game from others. For e.g. A child watching his parents fighting and blaming one other for the situation, an employer blaming his employee etc. Ultimately, we are not taught to take responsibility.

  1. Confusion

When a person does something wrong we confuse ‘the deed with the doer’ which makes the person feel less worthy of respect. We say ‘You as a person have failed’ instead of just ‘What you did was wrong’.

Why should we stop Blaming?

You never win in this game. In fact, research shows that the people who blame others learn less and perform worse in comparison to people who own up their mistakes and responsibilities.

When you blame you are running away from your feedback which is an obstacle for your personal growth.

Blaming traps, you into irresponsibility, avoidance and fear.

Ask yourself “If the other person is responsible for your failure, is he also responsible for your success”?

the blame game

How can we stop playing the Blame game?

  • We humans are imperfect and instead of fearing from our mistakes we need to focus on learning and move on. “We are defined not by our mistakes but by the way we correct them”.
  • When an unexpected situation occurs try to analyze the situation and think of ‘What to do next to resolve it
  • Speak to a person whom you think is really responsible for the situation to help him learn from his mistake and not humiliate him.
  • Accept your mistake and responsibility which can create a good example for your followers and stop the blame game from emerging.
  • Pour out yourself by honestly interacting with people who can help you to correct your mistake.
  • Accept the fact by breaking the wall of ‘I am right’ and ‘You are wrong’.
  • We all make some poor choices in life and so when someone does something wrong it doesn’t mean that he is a bad person as whole or deserves less respect.
Accept that you live in an imperfect world where mistakes are bound to happen by you and others as well.
So Try to make things better and Stop Blaming others for it.