Roger the kickboxing ripped kangaroo has died

The famous Ripped kangaroo named as Roger passed away at the age of 12 . He died at Northern Territory kangaroo sanctuary Australia .

He was 6 to 7 foot well ripped and most famous kangaroo in Australia .


The jacked kangaroo made headlines in 2015 when he crushed a metal bucket between his paws .Since then, Rogers impressive physique and playful nature has made him famous and lovable animal in Australia and all over the world.

He was rescued from his dead mother’s pouch in 2006 by the Sanctuary manager Chris Brolga Barnes.He lived in sanctuary for almost more than a decade. He lived a lovely life and was loved by millions around the world .Many pic can be seen in social networking which is often posted by Sanctuary.

Surely millions of prayer and tears will shredded for him.

Rest in peace ROGER.

We miss You…

The last pic of our Alpha male kangaroo : Roger-


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