Woman, A companion not an abusive word.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word FEMALE / GIRL / WOMAN?

Don’t search the meaning of it online. Just analyze what comes in your mind. Let me also tell you the results in search engine, It is – “Part of an organism that can produce”… You can find different sentences of same kind for this word everywhere whether online or offline.

Now, there will be very few who would thought of some decent word or sentence by reading the word “Female”.

Some may have thought about his/her OWN mother, daughter, sister, wife etc. Stressing on the word “own”. What about other females?? For others you have enough abusive words. Yes our Indian abusive words are out of females…right??

Some of you may think beyond my imagination.

Women have been continuously trying to prove what they can do, how strong they are and how equal they stand with men. But Are their efforts bringing results? Yes to some extent. But respect for them is still a doubt…

As per holy books, Woman was created as Companion of man out of the flesh of man.

Dear Man,

Let me live…

I am a woman out of you not to be like you but to be with you.

I am strong and capable enough as you are and I don’t need t prove it always.

My smile is not a “yes” and my “No” hurts your ego so you ignore “my will”

I am your companion expecting your care and not your touch.

We die not only because of your inhumanity but you kill us every day in your own way of staring, commenting and inappropriate touch.

I am a human born different from you with freedom to laugh and smile. Don’t restrict me with your thoughts, your actions and your ego.

Don’t protect me. I can do it myself. Don’t grab me instead make me feel safe so that I may live, your wife, your daughter, your mother, your sister may live without fear.


Your companion (woman)

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