Russian Woman transformation Revenge on Cheater Husband

Evgenia Vorobiyova 31-year-old women has become a star in Russia after posted photos of her 20-month transformation in which she dropped from 127 kg to just over 63 kg to her Instagram account.

A mother-of-two found out that her husband is dating his ex girlfriend. She kicked out his husband and moved on to massive transformation as revenge.In just 20 months she lost almost half of her body weight .She posted her slimming journey on Instagram.

Evgenia says that finding the father of her two children had been unfaithful, the catalyst she needed to lose weight

Evgenia, now a star in her native Russia after people have followed her slimming journey on Instagram.

Evgenia says she first started to put on weight when she had children. She later on explains: ‘I had never been skinny but I was not fat either. During my first pregnancy I naturally put on some weight.’

She happily settled into motherhood,she didn’t try to loose any extra pounds and focused on raising her children.

Now the Instagram Glamours star is looking for love once more. Evgenia, 31, even went on a Russian dating show Let’s Get Married to try and meet a new man, and hooked up with an ‘incredibly handsome’ man

‘If you want to change your life, you should start with yourself’ A inspirational quote from mother of two.

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