About The Last Day from a Dead.

About The Last Day from a Dead.

Dressed in good wardrobes on which I have spent hard all my life will now mix in dust with me.

Watching the people who unlike me spared some time and gathered to mourn over my loss with flowers in their hands, sadness on their face and prayers in their mouth.

Accustomed to bear my absence I feel Painful for my loved ones bursting in tears.

No envy continues with people whom I had differences with because it is easier to forgive people who are no more than ones who are alive.

about funeral from a dead person

I won’t fear being placed in a six-sided rectangular box as I have been rehearsing all my life by building walls around me where I suffered alone and no one was permitted to enter it nor was I able to break it.

The box now holds only my powerless body without soul and not anything that I have gained all my life. It is now that I realize “At the end what matters most is how good you were as human”.

The first step towards my last journey begins as I am carried out of my residence which I had built with bucks I earned sacrificing my dreams, my time and my family with whom I stayed not lived.

About The Last Day from a Dead.

I Spent my life trying to be independent and not ask for help. I am now Placed in a vehicle with the help of people to haul towards the holy place for last rituals.

Heading towards my real destination I discern that the far I tried to run from this the more I came near to it.

I see the grave newly dug to make a place for me to rest on the land which does not belong to me but rather It is I who belong to this land.

about funeral from dead person

The love and compassion which I have starved for is now in abundance as I feel the final kisses from the people gathered.

A piece of cloth covers my face and the door of the box now shut.

I bid goodbye with regret that I did not live the way I wished to or the way I should have lived but all my worldly desires, sufferings, worries and pain vanishes now.
I now Rest in Peace.

rest in peace


How far has the world changed in development and happiness.

This article “How far has the world changed in development and happiness.” is about the world we are living in and the way we are living.

development and happiness

There has been a drastic change in the world in terms of development and growth. But however somewhere we remain in the same state as our ancestors lived.

Development figures are growing but the level of human satisfaction, happiness, state of mind is static. Humans now are at the stage where they feel static.

We have accepted the fake world where we see rosy pictures everywhere and knowingly we have no reaction to it. We are confused in our own lives and we remain static without any reaction to true or false, good or bad, fake or real.

“We have grown in some development figures. But our inner happiness is depreciating”

The world seems to be static.


Earlier Our population increased due to lack of family planning after marriage.

Now it increases due to lack of planning before marriage.

“To make the world a lovely place to live, a child should be born out of love and brought up with love”

Earlier People were unhappy because they were poor.

Now people are unhappy even when they are rich.

Earlier people were debtors of zamindars.

Now people are debtors of banks.

Earlier people were not independent because of External Rules.

Now people are not because of Domestic Rules.

Earlier people were poor because of lack of knowledge and technology.

Now people are poor because of lack of compassion.

We have improved our Life Expectancy Ratio.

But our number of Illness have increased.


One thing that is increasing along with our development figures is the level of inhumanity. We humans are diminishing.

Save Humans

save humans


I am in a world of imagination.
Where people live in their own dreams, own choices.

I am in a world of fake.
Where people pretend to be happy, to be your friend.

I am in a world of confusion.
Where people are messed up and still pretend to be a problem solver.

I am in a world of sorrow.
Where people are wretched with legitimate and illegitimate actions.

I am in a world of loneliness.
Where people have more than 100 in their friend list but zero to stand by.

I am in a world of lust.
Where the desire of married and unmarried remains static.

I am in a world of bricks.
With it are made walls not loved ones.

I am in a world of silence.
Where the voice of people in justice or injustice remains static.

-Hilda J. D’souza