Daddy’s Princess


Daddy's Princess

The Love of Father for his children whether a son or daughter is immeasurable.

But the bond between Father and Daughter creates the most unique and beautiful relationship.

This article is dedicated to all the heroic daddy’s and their little angels.

father and daughter

“It was the happiest day for you when you heard that I am your girl.

And I had no clue that I was put into a place with pearl.


When I was born, I was nothing.

You taught me from scratch helping me to grow.


Hearing that I am a Girl, people made fun.

But you proudly stood by and made the people stun.

father and daughter

You held me when I fumbled.

I want to be with you when you tremble.


You never shared what you went through to bring me up.

And this is how I learned to ‘Never Give Up’

super hero daddy

I know how difficult it would have been to save your girl from some villains.

And It is only with you that I still feel safe because you are my Super hero.


You treat me like Princess and never restricted.

You promise the world to me and demand nothing.

daddy's princess

You go through good and bad times to fulfill my dreams.

But you go through everything secretly because the society says “Men’s don’t cry”


One day tradition would make me far from you,

But my mission is to find a man like you.

daddy's princess

I saw you being a father, a brother, a son, a husband, a friend

Honoring all your role I am your proud daughter.


Your debt of love cannot be repaid anyway because it is like a sea

Though the world may fall apart, I know you will always be there for me.


I am through you and you through me.

And the reason behind your smile and worry is me


Let me tell you daddy I may one day become a wife, a mother.

But I will always remain your daughter.

– Hilda J. D’souza

Will miss you Sister


S – Special

I –  Inspiring

S – Strong

T – Teacher

E – Elegant

R – Reliable.

There are some beautiful relationships in our lives for which we are thankful. One such relationship is of a sister who not only plays a role of your friend but also of parents. You fight many a times but still can’t live without her.

“Friends will make you laugh for a while and lovers will make you smile. But when they are gone sisters are ones who stay back to wipe your tears”

But there is a time when you have to learn to stay without her and that is when she chooses to play a new role of being a man’s wife.


A Letter to a Sister on her Wedding day

sister wedding

The time has come for you to start with a new phase of your life.

Not so far from us to be a gentleman’s wife.


We were brought together as sisters with God’s grace.

But you managed to fill all empty space.

You are a teacher, a friend, a mentor,

And also mother at times who helped me to shine.


We look alike but are opposite.

We shared our laughter and tears and some of the secrets too.

We could not always show the love we had inside

But Truth is that you are someone on whom I can rely.


It is said that a friend knows all your stories but a sister lives them all with you.

So after a lifetime spent together the memories remain.

And now as you have found a man to share your heart,

We wish your relationship with him grow in love and happiness in years to come.

And always remember that you are a proud daughter and a loving sister.

Will miss you…

-From a different flower from the same Garden 🙂

Be Happy, Keep Smiling 🙂