Russian Woman transformation Revenge on Cheater Husband

Evgenia Vorobiyova 31-year-old women has become a star in Russia after posted photos of her 20-month transformation in which she dropped from 127 kg to just over 63 kg to her Instagram account.

A mother-of-two found out that her husband is dating his ex girlfriend. She kicked out his husband and moved on to massive transformation as revenge.In just 20 months she lost almost half of her body weight .She posted her slimming journey on Instagram.

Evgenia says that finding the father of her two children had been unfaithful, the catalyst she needed to lose weight

Evgenia, now a star in her native Russia after people have followed her slimming journey on Instagram.

Evgenia says she first started to put on weight when she had children. She later on explains: ‘I had never been skinny but I was not fat either. During my first pregnancy I naturally put on some weight.’

She happily settled into motherhood,she didn’t try to loose any extra pounds and focused on raising her children.

Now the Instagram Glamours star is looking for love once more. Evgenia, 31, even went on a Russian dating show Let’s Get Married to try and meet a new man, and hooked up with an ‘incredibly handsome’ man

‘If you want to change your life, you should start with yourself’ A inspirational quote from mother of two.

VIJAY DIWAS, Salute the brave Heroes

It was on this day in 1971 , Pakistan forces unconditionally surrendered before the allied forces of the Indian  after a long 13 day battle. Approx 93000 member of Pakistan along with General   Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi raised white flag in front of strong Indian force and Mukthi Bahini led by General Jagjit Singh Aurora of India.


The Indo-Pak war brought many stories and its conflict result to   liberation of Bangladesh (East Pakistan ). Its a big day for Bangladesh who was seeking freedom from west Pakistan.

On the occasion of 48th Vijay Diwas, Nation salute the brave Indian soldiers who were martyred  in the war 1971 and as per rituals  Defence Minister and the heads of the Indian Army, the Navy and the Air Force gathered at Delhi’s India Gate to pay tribute to the martyrs of the war at Amar Jawan Jyoti today.


Woman, A companion not an abusive word.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word FEMALE / GIRL / WOMAN?

Don’t search the meaning of it online. Just analyze what comes in your mind. Let me also tell you the results in search engine, It is – “Part of an organism that can produce”… You can find different sentences of same kind for this word everywhere whether online or offline.

Now, there will be very few who would thought of some decent word or sentence by reading the word “Female”.

Some may have thought about his/her OWN mother, daughter, sister, wife etc. Stressing on the word “own”. What about other females?? For others you have enough abusive words. Yes our Indian abusive words are out of females…right??

Some of you may think beyond my imagination.

Women have been continuously trying to prove what they can do, how strong they are and how equal they stand with men. But Are their efforts bringing results? Yes to some extent. But respect for them is still a doubt…

As per holy books, Woman was created as Companion of man out of the flesh of man.

Dear Man,

Let me live…

I am a woman out of you not to be like you but to be with you.

I am strong and capable enough as you are and I don’t need t prove it always.

My smile is not a “yes” and my “No” hurts your ego so you ignore “my will”

I am your companion expecting your care and not your touch.

We die not only because of your inhumanity but you kill us every day in your own way of staring, commenting and inappropriate touch.

I am a human born different from you with freedom to laugh and smile. Don’t restrict me with your thoughts, your actions and your ego.

Don’t protect me. I can do it myself. Don’t grab me instead make me feel safe so that I may live, your wife, your daughter, your mother, your sister may live without fear.


Your companion (woman)

Roger the kickboxing ripped kangaroo has died

The famous Ripped kangaroo named as Roger passed away at the age of 12 . He died at Northern Territory kangaroo sanctuary Australia .

He was 6 to 7 foot well ripped and most famous kangaroo in Australia .


The jacked kangaroo made headlines in 2015 when he crushed a metal bucket between his paws .Since then, Rogers impressive physique and playful nature has made him famous and lovable animal in Australia and all over the world.

He was rescued from his dead mother’s pouch in 2006 by the Sanctuary manager Chris Brolga Barnes.He lived in sanctuary for almost more than a decade. He lived a lovely life and was loved by millions around the world .Many pic can be seen in social networking which is often posted by Sanctuary.

Surely millions of prayer and tears will shredded for him.

Rest in peace ROGER.

We miss You…

The last pic of our Alpha male kangaroo : Roger-


Roman Reigns, A Guy who raised above Hatness’s

Every time he perform in Ring and Every time people boo him and dislike him…. ROMAN REIGNS, who’s real name is Leati Joseph. A former professional gridiron football player. He is part of the Anoaʻi family and four time WWE champion.  When he revealed  he had been diagnosed with the deadly disease leukaemia (Cancer) – 11 years after beating it for the last month  first time- Every one was shocked. The star, 33, relinquished the WWE Universal Title as he won’t be able to compete in due to remission of  leukaemia (Cancer).   During an emotional speech on Monday Night Raw as he said   “And it didn’t matter if you cheered me, it didn’t matter if you booed me, you’ve always reacted to me and that is the most important thing and for that I have to say thank you so much.” which melt hearts of haters. Fans have been eagerly waiting  for updates on his condition since his speech on Monday night raw but the Reigns, has kept a low profile over the past month. 

However, the four-time world champ was spotted last night at the American Football game between his former team Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Georgia Bulldog. He looks happy andHealthy  to send out a video message via his old side’s Twitter, saying: “I’m the real big dog here. To hell with Georgia, baby.” We Just want to say him ” GET WELL SOON”