Give Your Desire

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“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.” – Peyton Conway March


A Story of best friends

Once upon a time there were two best friends Jack and Mark living in a town. Both were happily married and living there livelihood.

One day Jack had to leave his family behind and move ahead for war to serve the country.

Give what you desire

Before leaving for his work he handed over a bag of gold to Mark and said “Mark when my son Joe grows up, give to him what you wish”.


Jack left his family to serve the country…

Years passed and Jack’s son – Joe grew up.

Now Mark knowing that the time has arrived for him to give away the bag to Joe, took away the gold coins from the bag and returned the empty bag to Joe.

Joe was quite annoyed with his uncle’s such behavior and questioned Mark as to why he is doing this. He answered, “I am doing what your dad told me – when my son Joe grows up, give to him what you wish. And so as per my wish I am giving you this bag.”

Joe requested Mark to be loyal and return his father’s possession.

Mark was blind folded with the greed and his own desire of wealth.

And so gradually this turned into violence amongst the two families. Hence there was no peace and no happiness in their lives.

Mark troubled with this everyday’s fight met one of the mighty priests one day hoping for a solution. He narrated the whole story to priest.

Priest asked Mark, “What is your wish”. Mark answered my wish is to give the empty bag to Joe.

Priest asked Mark again, “What is your wish”. He answered my wish is to give the empty bag to Joe.

And the Priest asked Mark once again , “What is your wish for yourself”. Mark answered softly, “My wish is Gold”.

And the Priest said, “Give Away what you wish for yourself. This is the solution for your problem and this is what your friend told you while he handed over the bag to you. So give away the bag of gold and feel the real happiness”

Lesson : Happiness does not lie in attaining what you desire but instead in giving what you desire for yourself.