Making way from Struggle to Success.

“You can achieve anything with your talent and hard work”.

making way from struggle to success

This article is about a man who made his way from Struggle to Success.

(Read the article and guess who this person is)

I bet You have never seen or heard about a man like him before.

I am not going to narrate the success story of this man but highlight the important phase of his life where he stood firm, labored hard, followed his dreams and made his way to success.

In 2002-05 this man was out of work and 2004 was the worst year of his struggle.

He acted in many Bollywood films playing small roles when we dint even knew his name. His first Bollywood debut was in 1999 as a local criminal in film ‘Sarfarosh’ and as a waiter in film ‘Shool’.

He did some odd jobs like watchman and survived his living but his passion for acting dint stumble. He hung out at film studios and shootings but only got stereotypical roles. Moreover he was rejected number of times because of his looks.

His friends and relatives said “How will he become a hero”.

But nothing stopped him from mesmerizing us with his talent.

His appearance in Movie Black Friday 2007 made his way for powerful roles in industry.

I think this man is a real-life hero as he survived the most difficult times of his life and made a way out of it.

In our lives, we often are in our struggling period where sometimes we are asked to play small roles and sometimes rejected. And also our near dear ones doubt our talent. 

It is our Choice whether to Give Up or Try to overcome it.

Here are some of the Key takeaways from this real life hero:

— Don’t hesitate to take small steps. Sometimes In life You need to start from bottom to reach a greater height.

— Nothing is permanent in this world. Not even the struggles.

— Rejection is not the end of the journey.

— Never lose hope.

— Don’t judge people with their looks. Their talents and abilities can astonish you any time.

— Stop Doubting on Yourself, Work hard and make it happen.

— Focus on your goal.

Can you guess who this man is? Leave his name and what inspires you from his life in the comment box.
making way from struggle to success
(Appearance as Waiter in Film Shool)