A Poem on Life


A Poem on Life

A Poem on life.


You want to fly,

With a luxurious life.

You want to shine,

Even if others be in dark, you won’t mine.

You want to Rise,

Let someone pay the heavy price.


An earth is Round,

You will have to frown, shut in the ground.

Water has no shape,

It will take away your fame when it showers insane.

The wind has no eye,

It will scatter all things as it cannot judge HI-FI.

The treasures gathered will not be measured.

Only as a lovely soul you will be remembered.


Live like a child,

With the meaningless things untied.

Glow like a star,

Who doesn’t envy with the fellow’s shine and enlighten ones in dark.

Attain with effort Not to Exploit,

For your name to exalt.


Listen to your heart and make a fresh start,

So that you may happily depart.

– Hilda J. D’souza