Choose to Live not Survive

via Daily Prompt: Survive

choost to live not survive

In this fast paced life lots of people have just lost their main objective of life. As a result What we are doing is just Surviving. Our daily activities help us to just survive. We have forgotten that life is not to survive but live.

The most sad part is that sometimes the survival also seems to be difficult because of physical and mental problems.

We are in a big world with short life . So, people choose to live your life rather than just surviving.

How can we choose to live?

Living here means to love your life, live the way you want to, aiming for happiness and not just pleasure and stay in peace.

1. Love yourself

No matter how busy your schedule is, make time for yourself. Take good care of your diet and your health.

2. Feel your presence on earth

It is good to spare some time to observe the beautiful nature which will definitely heal you. Plan for some amazing trips or do the unplanned ones like sitting near the seashore, walking, watching the sunset etc.

3. Do what you love.

This is the main step towards gaining a life with purpose. We all have got some or the other talents and we love to do it as we feel best. But this seems to be difficult sometimes because of many reasons. But it is great if we are able to spare time in our daily schedule for the work we love.

4. Spend time with your loved ones.

Love is what we look for. And touch of our loved ones is what heals us many a times. Therefore, spare some time when they need you and when you need them.

The need for survival makes the survival more difficult because we are mentally and physically tired. Furthermore if we choose to live we choose happiness and this is what will make this world a better place.

Thank you for reading.

Be Happy, keep smiling.