How to start website using Bluehost in ten steps

start website using bluehost

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Hello Friends! As of now you must be thinking how difficult it is to start your own blog or website as lots of options are available in market. Don’t be a confused tomato 😉 Rather read this article which is suitable for the beginners who are looking out to start their own website. So when you are set with your blogging plans, the first thing you need to start with is having your own website. Here is the best one available for you…

Bluehost is a web hosting company which provides hosting services to millions of website. It is recommended for beginners because it is really easy to use.

Shared hosting plans

Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider from a single Web server serves pages for multiple Web sites each having its own Internet domain name. This is the most common package and recommended for beginners.

There are different Shared hosting plans offered by bluehost which gives you exactly what you need.

how to create website using bluehost

The starter or the basic plan is the cheapest package in bluehost i.e. $3.49 per month. It allows you to host only one website and so if you plan not to add any more website in future, this package would be appropriate.

The Plus plan is the most popular package in bluehost which cost you 5.95$ per month. It allows you to host unlimited number of websites with no bandwidth limit. Above all you also receive one free domain name on the purchase.

The Pro plan is priced at $13.95 per month. It comes with dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. It also offers you with few other perks.

How to Get Started

You are just ten steps away from getting your website run.

  1. Visit Bluehost and click on get started now.
  2. Select your plan from three different package
  3. Enter your new or existing domain name.
  4. Enter your details like name, street address, email address etc in Account Information.
  5. In the package information, kindly go through all the option and deselect the option which is not required. The hosting price will differ accordingly. Also select the appropriate tenure of the plan.
  6. In the complete hosting purchase, enter your payment details via card or click more payment options for Payment via Paypal. (Note: Before payment, ensure all details entered so far are correct).
  7. Any other dialog box appearing after the payment can be read carefully and ignored accordingly. Click on complete and you have done with the purchase.
  8. Now create password for your bluehost account.
  9. Check confirmation email in your inbox and verify your login information.
  10. Now go to the login page of Click on Hosting login and enter the login details.

Congratulations! Your Website is now ready…

I was able to setup my new website with these ten easy steps without any professional guidance. Hope you too are able to do it.

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